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My Aero Gamers Beta is a different sort of website whose sole purpose is fun. It is very much a work in progress, which is my idea of fun. There are chat pages, event sign up pages and the detritus of numerous campaigns fought in miniature.

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Site under construction. Email bug reports to bugs@aerohobbiesgames.com. If you enjoy programming PHP, Javascript etc., or would like to learn, please contact the shop.

Game Schedule

Tables are open for gaming most days. Call for availability (310) 828-5264

  • Tuesdays - Magic the Gathering
  • Wednesdays - Dungeons and Dragons Encounters
  • Thursdays - Paint School
  • Fridays - Boardgame Night
  • Most Saturdays - Star Wars
  • 1st Sundays - Historic Miniatures Gaming Society
  • 2nd Sundays - Warmachine & Hordes
  • 4th Sundays - Warmachine & Hordes

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Photos from Our Epic Mordheim Game

Frank's set:


Photos from Our Epic American Revolution Game

Frank's set:

Photos from Our Epic American Revolution Game

Theron's set:

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